The Moist Apples

Class: Ranger
Weapon: Magic Bow
Ideal: To raise a family and be a stay-at-home dad
Bond: His brothers-in-arms
Flaw: Gets very nervous in the presence of women

Class: Druid
Weapon: Golden Staff
Ideal: The Lady of Darkness is absolute
Bond: The Forest of Evil and all its inhabitants
Flaw: Single-minded to a fault. Also very vain.

Class: Warlock
Weapon: Silverwood Scythe
Ideal: Power is a goal in and of itself
Bond: The Stag Lord, his patron
Flaw: Easily convinced to do wrong

Class: Monk
Weapon: Any spear he can get his hands on
Ideal: We should all see as much of the world as possible to understand it
Bond: His brothers-in-arms
Flaw: Overconfident

Class: Barbarian
Weapon: Silver dragonbone club
Ideal: To father as many children as possible
Bond: His 12 children
Flaw: Absolute glutton when it comes to food

Class: Bard
Weapon: Marimba
Ideal: The world is made to have fun, so enjoy the moment
Bond: Supports any who are weaker than him
Flaw: Forgets to think with his head when someone with high CHA is nearby

The Moist Apples

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